Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Real Enemy

In our life, every choice we makes plants a seed of consequence. The key is always to choose logically and wisely and above all else, learn from your mistakes.Those are your lessons to break the circle of your pain.

Tears and pain
Anger that cannot be contained
Sanity unsuccessfully trying to maintain
I'm my own worse enemy

Negative emotions taking over
So easy to call
Can't find the love
That was to be there through it all
Outrage over my life
Power I turned over was my downfall

Trusted a man who should have not been
Now I remain broken
Life forcefully bent
Struggled to gain independence
Only to relinquish it
Now the key
Is just to own me
No longer will I be
My own worse enemy

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- June 14, 2014
Written by Kesh

(c) 2014 NixRises All Rights Reserved

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