Saturday, June 14, 2014

Facebook Junkie No More!

What's it about Facebook that makes us join? Makes us download the app to all of our devices? Makes us check the darn things every hour, if not more, of the day?

Recently I noticed myself constantly checking my page. I would ask myself, "Why am I doing this?" Mind you, as I asked myself this life shattering question, I would continue scrolling down and see who got married, who got engaged, who broke up, where did so and so go on their 536th vacation of the year. Let's not forget to mention the subliminal messages in the form of rants of those "just keeping it real," the petitions for those who want to save the claws and paws of stray cats, and the fitness videos of my face friends working it out while they act as if they did not know their sweaty behinds would be featured on everyone's feed.

Is the Facebook obsession just based off of curiosity to keep up with the Joneses or is it the fuel for our jealous nature; the "let's see what they're doing so I can do better," and post it for the world? It seems it is all setup for a secret competition of some sorts. Are we Facebookers in competitions with those we didn't even know we were playing the game with?

So I decided to see if I could go one-week without loading up Facebook. You may think "One week is not long!" But for someone who was operating on automatic, checking every 10-15 minutes, this was a breakthrough. Not surprising, I completed my one-week, Facebook free. It was easy as I am not one to post random pics of myself with hashtags letting everyone know how bored I am or how much I ate today. I must admit I missed reading the postings of my thought-provoking friends. We all seem to have those one or two friends who share articles; thereby, getting everyone to chime in with their views. I love those friends of mine!

Am I happier knowing I don't have to rely on checking for who did what and went where? Honestly, I am. It let's me know that I am not controlled by an application that allows me to see into the directed lives of others all the while, making some well-to-do stranger who is off in the Caymen Islands, richer. My experience let's me know that I am not obsessed with Facebook and have the ability to not even care about what everyone is up to. From now on, I can dictate when I choose to view the feed and no longer need to operate on automatic, as I was doing before. I love bring in control of me!

Are you a Facebook junkie?

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  1. A month back, I found myself addicted to this social networking giant. I felt the urge to click pictures only to post them on FB trying to convince people who don't care on how amazing my life is and scrolling through the newsfeed of people I don't care. Hence, I deactivated my account. It has been a month and I'm now a happy person only keeping in touch with people who does matter.