Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Beautiful Lies

I looked into your eyes
Your gaze took me by surprise
You whispered to me as you pulled back my hair
"I'm not at all like those other guys."
"How can I believe you?"  "Why?"
"I shouldn't need to verify,"
"But if you give me a chance, then you will see, I'll never make you cry."
"I'll remain faithful, always by your side."
"Your needs I will never deny"
"Everyone knows guys born in July, our purpose is to comply."
Over and over, you sang all a good guy would imply

But many a day I have cried
Emotionally you walked out of my life
Faithful, PLEASE!
You wouldn't know what it was if it spit phlegm right in your eye
When confronted by truth, you deny
I still lack a good reason why
I guess you blew a lot of smoke
My feelings were nothing more than a joke
While you were feeding me those beautiful lies

Written June 22, 2013
By Kesh

(c) 2013 NixRises All Rights Reserved