Monday, January 28, 2013

Vernacular Strength

Vernacular Strength

From tragedy to triumph, I too shall rise
Mistaking my kindness for weakness?
Don't do it!
It's just a disguise
When I open my blouse
You'll see the 'K' on my chest
'K' is for Kick A$$ Female
With a fierce upper left
Only a tad bit physically
My hook's figuratively
Don't like to fight
But I may bite
My words will sting royally
Ends up killing you softly
Roberta Flack
May give you a flashback
Maybe a heart attack
My words are far from whack
'Cause whatever I lack
I find, then bring it back
Subtract from the negative
Positively attack
But I'll just swing on back
Might even get side-tracked
Then I backtrack becoming the Fullback

As I...

Dodge and block the poison that's spewed
Talk is cheap
Haters are weak
Everyone knows how they do
Don't get angry
No need to argue
Cutting edge
This sword's my pledge
Now I must bid you "Adieu"
I'm through

By Kesh
Written January 28, 2013

(c) 2013 NixRises All Rights Reserved

Sunday, January 27, 2013

You're My Man

Is it possible that you can develop deep feelings or perhaps even love someone you have never spoken to face to face? In today's changing times, we now have the privilege to develop and maintain relationships that not only span through distances far beyond acres and miles, but that last over the course of time.

You're My Man
I never thought I'd feel something so real
Deep adoration for someone I can not feel
I can't touch you or hold you or kiss you at night
Put your mind at ease while you are stroking me right
If I could have anything, I'd want to hold you so tight
As I show you, you're truly my man

You can't deny we are one in the same
Past relationships and failures show we were truly the blame
But we are learning from these and are yearning for love
Dying to give as much as receive
The full amount
Not, sort of
To respect, honor and cherish
All the qualities above
Nothing less for the one who's my man

But until then, I will just imagine and dream
Maybe reality's not as far off as it seems
For I will love you from afar
That shouldn't seem too bizarre
Because in our hearts, we are one
You're my man

Written Jan 8, 2013
by Kesh

(c) 2013 NixRises All Rights Reserved

Sunday, January 13, 2013


The lucky ones are those who get it right the first time around. Many of us will search a lifetime finding that special person who compliments our every being. When you finally meet this individual, there is no doubt in either of your minds that you two were truly meant to be.


It took 12,676 days for me to find you
But I have loved you for a million years
I yearned for the day we could be together
After our troubled pasts filled with tears

I am eager to embrace you, and have you hold me in your arms
As I feel your breath on my neck
The coldness, as the air mixes with your salvia, on my ear
The softness as you gently caress my face and tell me,
"I am finally here."

You are moved as I tell you, "I am yours."
You sweep me off my feet and glide me into our new room
In our new home
And you place me on our new bed
As you remove my clothes
And I hungrily remove yours
I have opened up so much to you
And now you will have my essence too
As you enter inside of me, I let out a sigh
A release as we become one
Better than before
Second to none
As our juices blend and we expend
All the energy we have stored up for all time
And at the drop of a dime
I am no longer lonely
And unloved
I am fine
And my baby is fine
And he is truly and finally mine

Written Nov 18, 2012
by Kesh

(c) 2012-2013 NixRises All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Letter To My Dad

Letter To My Dad - July 2005

Where is this place that men go?
When they don't want to be men no more
After promising devotion and professing love
They seem to be swallowed whole
Or sucked in an abyss
Never to be seen from or heard of again
After she begins carrying the life they created
"How convenient,"one might say
But I ask where is this place that men go
That has no telephones to call to say:
"Happy Birthday!"
No paper to write and ask "How are you doing?"
Or stamps for a 10 cent postcard
Just to say, "Hey!"

Where is this place that men go?
Where they feel no remorse or even shame
The Lord forgives the sins of man,
But will I?
Your biological
Your first-born
Your child
I too am able to forgive man's sins
But not from someone who's less than one

Where were you when I was sick?
What kept you from my many graduations?
Honor roll ceremonies?
Why weren't you there to ask my dates 20 questions?
Or to walk me down the aisle?
Why were you there to videotape YOUR grandchild's birth?
Fifty percent of me is unknown
And no one can give me a good reason why

So tell me
Where is this place that men go?
Where they can leave their seeds behind
Yet accept another woman and her child
The same age and same gender AS YOUR OWN
as your own?
What kind of person does that?
What kind of woman remains with someone who does that?
Two peas from the same rotten pod you might say
I'll agree to that with a nod
Is it really possible that people who do this
Believe they are going to "find" their child one day?
I wasn't the one lost
But you...
Who was missing from my life
And will always be
Lost to me
And my newly created family

So dad, you can stay in your hiding place
With your wife and your kids
And remain unknown to me
Although the world says you should pay
Your "secret" will remain safe with me
When you meet the Lord
Maybe you can answer why you abandoned me
For another
To take care of another
But to me
You died in the Army

(c) 2013 NixRises All Rights Reserved

Opposing Blues

Opposing Blues

Your blues are not like my blues
Yours, may last for a season
A light drizzle or some rain
Cold wind
It is all the same
Mild Northeaster keeping you inside
No fun and games today
Push the joy aside

My blues are all that and then some
Some black
Some purple
A lot of RED
I see red!
Wanting Father Nature dead
He controls the storms and plays with my head
As I am left seeking shelter
Feeling dread

Your blues are passing
For tomorrow when you awake,
The light will blind your eyes
But my eyes?
Well, my eyes are as dull as the grey skies - of course
The shimmer and gleam have died
My blues leave me constantly glassy-eyed
And teary-eyed
No longer am I
For my body has lacked the warmth from the sun
Not in flesh, but in spirit
The storm has won

Written Dec 2012
by Kesh

(c) 2012 NixRises All Rights Reserved